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Avira Password Manager Beta
Created 9.7.2019 - 1:552 Months ago

Avira Password Manager secures and simplifies your digital life by saving all your passwords, generating new strong and unique ones and making them available across devices.

As part of the BETA program, you will receive early access to the newest features and improvements we bring to this product, and your feedback will help us shape it to better fit your expectations.

Avira Phantom VPN Beta
Created 9.7.2019 - 2:492 Months ago

Safely and anonymously surfing on the internet with Avira Phantom VPN. The solution is available on several platforms.

Get your hands on Avira Phantom VPN in its early beta stage.

Avira Antivirus for Windows Beta
Created 7.7.2019 - 23:432 Months ago

Be part of our Beta community and get exclusive access to early products.

Join our Beta community to help us make the best antivirus products possible.

Avira Antivirus for Mac Beta
Created 26.6.2019 - 5:202 Months ago

This project is all about our Antivirus solution for Mac users. Join this project to be part of the development process and be one of the first to test out the latest version.