New Driver Updater feature in Avira Software Updater
Created 8.5.2017 - 3:21Last Month
Avira Software Updater makes sure that software that are most prone to open backdoors on your computer are kept up-to-date, patching security vulnerabilities and lowering the risk of zero-day exploits.

Avira has now taken one big step beyond and we are proud to announce a huge new feature for the Avira Software Updater – The Driver Updater, which is now ready for Beta testing!

Avira Exploit Shield Beta
Created 11.5.2017 - 2:56Last Month

Securing your browser against known but also unknown / zero day vulnerabilities in order to stay clean while surfing on the internet.


Avira Safe Shopping Windows Client
Created 13.6.2017 - 1:172 Weeks ago

The Avira Safe Shopping Windows client provides you price comparison during online shopping. All the offers are from safe and trusted shops.

While you are shopping online with your web browser the Avira Safe Shopping Windows client searches for other offers for the same product in other shops. If other offers are found, the Avira Safe Shopping Windows client will be opened to show them. The selected offers will be opened in a new tab in your default browser.

During beta Avira Safe Shopping Windows Client is working with Chrome and Firefox and is only available in Germany.

Avira Antivirus for Windows Beta
Created 18.7.2012 - 0:004 Years ago

Joining this project allows you to test future features and technologies for our Avira Antivirus products on Windows including Online Essentials (web application).

Avira VPN Beta
Created 30.11.2015 - 0:00Last Year

Get your hands on the Avira VPN product in its early beta stage.

Avira Antivirus for Mac Beta
Created 3.5.2016 - 0:00Last Year

This project is all about our Antivirus solution for Mac users. Join this project to be part of the development process and be one of the first to test out the latest version.

Avira Browser Safety Beta
Created 15.9.2013 - 0:003 Years ago

This project is all about the Avira Browser Safety extension for Chrome and Firefox

Avira System Speedup beta
Created 21.10.2015 - 6:31Last Year

Join this project to test out the latest version of Avira System Speedup – the improved way of cleaning your hard drive and enhancing the performance of your PC.

Seize the chance and be among the very first to install and use it. Then have your say and tell us what needs to be repaired or polished further.